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Automate Product Purchase Followups

BC2IS makes it easy to automate followups when your customers purchase specific products.

When new orders are placed on your Bigcommerce store, BC2IS transfers that order to Infusionsoft and automatically creates and applies a product tag to the Infusionsoft contact for each product ordered.

Using tag-applied goals in Campaign Builder, you can trigger specific campaigns depending on the product tag that was applied to the contact.

If you sell consumable products (say something that a customer needs to reorder every 30 days), you can create a campaign to wait a period of time (say, 21 days) and then send a reminder email to encourage a reorder.

Not selling consumables?  You can still use this feature to cross-sell.  That is, if a customer purchases a specific style necklace — you can automate a followup email to suggest a matching bracelet or set of earrings.  If your customer purchases a digital camera, perhaps follow up to remind them to buy an extra battery or memory card.

There is always an opportunity for cross selling, and BC2IS makes it easy!

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