BigCommerce For WordPress

Bigcommerce products on WordPress…made easy!

The BC4WP plugin allows you to use shortcodes to embed your Bigcommerce products within your WordPress posts and pages using only the product SKU. There’s also a widget to make adding a Bigcommerce product to a specific widget position a snap!  Links created using the plugin link to the product’s product detail page where your customer can then select quantity, configuration options, etc. and then add the product to their cart.

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Setup is a breeze (see settings screenshot below)…you’ll just need your store URL, an API user and your API key.

Once you’ve entered your store settings, click “Save Changes and Refresh Product List” to apply your settings and download your current product details.  If there was an issue with your entered information, an alert will display at the top of the settings page.

Should your product pricing or other details change, simply return to the settings page and save your settings to refresh your product list.

Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found on the BC4WP setup page.


Using the BC4WP Plugin short code

Once you’ve configured BC4WP, you’re ready to start including your store’s BigCommerce products on your WordPress site.  The simplest shortcode usage is:

[bigcommerce sku="MAC-PRO"]

The result of the above short code is a link with the product name pointing to the product’s detail page.

More elaborate short codes can be used to further customize your product link:

[bigcommerce sku="MAC-PRO" thumbnail="yes" price="yes" imagewidth="120"]

The above short code displays the same MAC-PRO product, plus it also displays the product price (price=”yes”) and a thumbnail (thumbnail=”yes”) with a width of 120 pixels (imagewidth=”120″).

Because the generated markup for the Bigcommerce product is assigned CSS classes for each element, you can format the display based on your WordPress site design.


Advanced Usage Details

Sample of product displayed using shortcode and one of the default CSS styling options

The BC4WP shortcode supports the following attributes:

sku (required) –  The Bigcommerce product SKU of the product link you wish to display.

price (optional, default is ‘no’) – Should the product price be displayed.  Valid values are ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

pricelabel (optional, default is ‘$’) – Specify what price label should be used.

target (optional) – If specified, the name of the window to open the product detail page in.  Specifying any value here will cause the product link to open in a new window.

thumbnail (optional, default is ‘no’) – Should a thumbnail image be displayed.  Valid values are ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

imagewidth(optional, default is ’100′) – When displaying a thumbnail, the width of the image in pixels.

Using the BC4WP Widget

Just as fast and easy to use as the shortcode, the widget lets you add your BigCommerce products to any widget position in WordPress.  Just drag the BC4WP widget into any widget position and select your display settings (see widget config screenshot to the right).  As with the shortcode, you can the special “#RANDOM#” SKU to display a random product from your BigCommerce store.