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Automate Product Purchase Followups

BC2IS makes it easy to automate followups when your customers purchase specific products.When new orders are placed on your Bigcommerce store, BC2IS transfers that order to Infusionsoft and automatically creates and applies a product tag to the Infusionsoft contact for each product ordered.Using tag-applied goals in Campaign Builder, you can trigger specific campaigns depending on […]

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Connect your Bigcommerce store to your Infusionsoft Affiliate Program

We’re happy to announce that BC2IS now provides integration with your Infusionsoft affiliate program.  That’s right, you can now drive affiliates to your Bigcommerce store and they’ll receive commissions for sales generated based on the affiliate program you’ve defined in Infusionsoft. Already using BC2IS?  Contact us to learn how to update your account to take […]

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BC2IS Product Tags

The core of BC2IS functionality is its ability to transfer Bigcommerce order, product and contact data to Infusionsoft.  No doubt, that saves lots of time in getting Bigcommerce data to Infusionsoft. To more fully leverage Infusionsoft, another BC2IS feature can help you out.  BC2IS can automatically create product tags for products ordered and then assign […]

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