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BC2IS Features

BC2IS allows you to quickly and easily import your Bigcommerce products, orders and contacts into Infusionsoft, allowing you to leverage the CRM power of Infusionsoft while having the benefits of the Bigcommerce e-commerce platform.For the design of pages and programs, we use ghostwriter seminararbeit .

BC2IS is a web-based service and requires no software downloads or installations.  After subscribing, you will receive further details on configuring BC2IS for your Bigcommerce store. BC2IS requires an active Bigcommerce store and Infusionsoft app (Infusionsoft account must have the E-Commerce feature).

In addition to transferring data, BC2IS also applies product tags for each product purchased, allowing you to initiate campaigns to followup with customers regarding their specific purchase.
For the design of pages and programs, we use ghostwriter seminararbeit .

BC2IS also integrates with Infusionsoft’s Referral Partner (Affiliate) program, allowing your affiliates to drive traffic (and sales) to your Bigcommerce store to earn commissions.

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Data transferred from Bigcommerce to Infusionsoft

Contact Data

  • Email
  • First & Last Name
  • Billing Address and Phone
  • Shipping Address and Phone

Additionally, a “Order Placed” campaign is triggered which can be used to:

  • Initiate a follow up sequence
  • Add customer tag(s)
  • Send a “New Customer” welcome email or “Return Customer” welcome back email
    • …or anything else that can be done from a Campaign!


Order Data

  • Customer
  • Order Date
  • Bigcommerce Order Id
  • Shipping method and cost
  • Handling fees
  • Coupon code used and amount
  • Discounts
  • Store credit used
  • Taxes
  • Payment amount and method


For each product on the order, the following details are transferred:

  • Product name
  • Product price
  • Product quantity


Product Data

BC2IS automatically creates products in Infusionsoft when they are ordered on your Bigcommerce store — there’s no need to manually create the products in Infusionsoft!

Products are created with the following data from Bigcommerce:

  • Product Name (Bigcommerce’s product title)
  • Product Price
  • SKU
  • Description


Additionally, BC2IS creates “product” Tags (Tags named after each product ordered) and assigns those to the Contact.  You can use this feature to initiate campaigns for upsells and/or replenishment follow-up sequences.

Additional Features

BC2IS can also be configured to tag customers based on:

Customer Group

Tagging based on customer group allows you to initiate followup campaigns targeted at specific customer groups, plus it allows you to more easily segment your data in Infusionsoft.

Coupons Used

Tagging based on coupon used allows you to initiate followup campaigns based on a specific coupon being used.  As coupons are oftentimes related to specific promotions being run, this feature can be used to follow up with the customer in relationship to a specific promotion.

Abandoned Carts

Tagging based on abandoned carts means you can automate the followup with your customer with more flexibility than is possible within Bigcommerce directly.  Customers are tagged with an “Abandoned Cart” tag which can be used to trigger a custom abandoned cart campaign.

Plus free campaigns to get you started:

Campaigns for Customer Group, Coupon Used and Abandoned Cart are provided to you as part of your BC2IS subscription.




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