BC2IS Abandoned Cart – How it Works | WMM Apps

The Abandoned Cart feature adds a new campaign to your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder: Bigcommerce Abandoned Cart – BC2IS

This campaign is trigged by carts that were filled by customers in your Bigcommerce store, but that were not converted to orders (an abandoned cart).  The customer (or Infusionsoft contact) for the abandoned cart is created in Infusionsoft if they do not already exist, and a tag is applied to them, “Abandoned Cart (Bigcommerce)”.

The campaign then pauses for a predefined amount of time (30 minutes is the default), before proceeding into a customizable followup sequence.  The delay sequence gives you the ability to wait a customizable amount of time to allow the customer to finish up their order before starting your abandoned cart followup sequence.



In the above campaign, you’ll want to edit the “Abandoned Cart Followup” sequence to customize the tasks that you wish to complete for these contacts.  You may wish to apply a tag (e.g. “Potential Customer”) or send an email reminder to encourage followup or provide a promotional code.  Once the campaign is complete, the “Abandoned Cart” tag is removed, which will allow the campaign to be started again later should the customer abandon another cart.

Your existing “Bigcommerce Order Placed” campaign has been updated to apply a “Bigcommerce Order Placed” tag.  This tag will force the completion of the abandoned cart campaign (if it’s in progress), as that campaign is no longer applicable once the customer completes their order.