BC2IS Configuration Help | WMM Apps

BC2IS requires some information about your Bigcommerce store and Infusionsoft app.  Here are the items needed, as well as where you can find them:

Bigcommerce Secure Store URL

This is your secure store URL.  If you purchased an SSL certificate, this will simply be your store URL, starting with https (e.g. https://mystorename.com/).  If you are using the shared Bigcommerce certificate (you didn’t purchase an SSL certificate yourself), then your secure URL will look something like this: https://store-abc123.mybigcommerce.com/.  The easiest way to verify your secure store URL is to go to your checkout page and look at the URL being displayed in your web browser.

Bigcommerce API User

You’ll need to create a user with API access in your Bigcommerce store.  To do so, under “Setup and Tools->Advanced Tools”, click on “Legacy API Accounts”.  Create a new user by clicking the “Create a Legacy API Account” button.  A suggested username for this user is “BC2IS”.  Once you’ve entered the username, be sure to click the “Save” button to create the new user.

Bigcommerce API Token

Once you’ve created the API user, above, the API Token will be displayed.

Infusionsoft App Name

This is usually a 5 character name that appears before .infusionsoft.com in your Infusionsoft application URL.  In the example https://ab123.infusionsoft.com — the Infusionsoft app name is “ab123”

Infusionsoft Encrypted Key

Found under “Admin”, “Settings”, “Application” in your Infusionsoft application.  If you haven’t already entered an API Passphrase, enter it, then click “Save” and the Encrypted Key will be generated for you.

Infusionsoft Order Id Custom Field

In your Infusionsoft application, this field is created under “Admin”, “Settings”, “General”, “Custom Fields”.  Select “Order”, then create a new “Text” type custom field (a suggested name is: “Bigcommerce Order Id”).  Once created, click the “View the field database names (for the API)” link to see the Infusionsoft-assigned field name.  The field name will likely just be the name you used with any spaces or special characters removed (e.g. “BigcommerceOrderId”)

API-Called Goal

In Campaign Builder, create a Campaign named “Bigcommerce Order Placed”, and add a Goal of type “Other”.  Click the pencil icon to change the Goal type to “API call is made” (at the bottom of the list), and then click “Save”.  Double-click on the goal to edit the “API call is made” settings.  Leave “Integration” as the default value (it should be your Infusionsoft App Name) and enter “PurchaseMade” as the value for the “Call Name”.  Click “Save” to apply your changes.