Using BC2IS | WMM Apps

Now that you’re ready to begin using BC2IS, here are a few tips to get you familiar with what to expect:

  1. Orders will be automatically transferred to your Infusionsoft application every 15 minutes.
  2. The Infusionsoft-assigned order id (or invoice id) will be different from the Bigcommerce order id, however a custom field on the order  will contain the Bigcommerce order id for your reference.  Given this, it’s a good idea to update the order listing view in Infusionsoft to view the additional Bigcommerce order id custom field.  You may also wish to remove the display of the Infusionsoft order id, as you will likely not need to use that order id.
  3. When new orders are transferred, products included in that order will be automatically created in Infusionsoft (if they’re not already found in Infusionsoft).
  4. When a new order is received, if the customer doesn’t exist as a contact in Infusionsoft, they will also be created automatically if they don’t already exist in Infusionsoft.  Contacts that already exist in Infusionsoft will not be modified.
  5. When a new order is received, a campaign is triggered (called “Bigcommerce Order Placed”).  You can use this campaign to start order-based followup sequences.
  6. When a contact orders a product, a tag will be created for that product and assigned to the contact.  These tags can be used within Campaign Builder to trigger the start of a campaign.  For instance:
    • if your product can be used for 60 days before needing to be repurchased/refilled, creating a campaign to send a reminder in 45 days can help with return purchases.
    • if a customer purchasing one product (call it “Product A”) may likely be interested in purchasing an accessory product (call it “Product B”), a campaign can be started after the purchase of Product A to send the customer an email in 10 days to let them know about Product B.